About The Art Machine

The Art Machine publishes on a VERY irregular basis: it is a compendium of articles and dialog that examines art market solutions, mysteries, gossip and fiascos.

The Art Machine is also a novel in progress. Updates to the novel are also very irregular.

The Art Machine is a novel by Cat Weaver



I started The Art Machine as a blog, very irregularly posted, that is committed to examining the machinations of the art market through stories that follow collectors, dealers, galleries, curators, artists and institutions involved in the sale and trade of fine art. Still irregularly posted, the blog retains its focus on art world news, art events, and trends which affect buyers and collectors.

The novel comes after many years of interviewing art world movers and shakers, visiting art fairs, attending openings, previews and studios, and discussing art storage, maintenance, and sales. Off the record insights and hard to pitch content has provided me with body of information that can be put to best use as  a novel — and one that will do, better,  perhaps, than what I’ve sought to do through reporting: that is to say, “examine the machinations of the art market” through stories.

It is often said that the art market ignores the humanity of the artists involved in it: my novel, written from sundry POV’s, shows that this is actually not at all the case; rather, the humanity in the art market is actually amplified but it doesn’t usually capture the headlines.

Look at it here and,
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