Cops to Urban Explorers: “This is not a gallery”

underbelly-project-mainImmediately after I’d read about it on, I wanted to go see The Underbelly Project. But even as I was plotting, dozens were being arrested for nearly killing themselves to gain access to the already decaying and vandalized artworks.  The vandals can claim, “first!”

Said one police officer: “This is not a gallery.”

This story will surely be ongoing. For now I leave you with the links below.



The Underbelly Project

The Gothamist Story of Arrests

LTV Squad (photographs of Underbelly artwork)

BITS: Art for Art’s Sake and Art for Espianage


This past week, Vandalog,  and The New York Times (amongst very few others) reported on a very elite art viewing experience. This was not for folks with paddles, not for Armani-suited champagne-sippers, and not even for the hippest hipsters, consulting Flavor Pill and attending the latest Winkle and Balktick events.

TrustoCorp Photo by RJ Rushmore. See more thorough coverage of this story and lots of amazing photos by Mr. Rushmore, Workhorse, and PAC on the Vandalog site.

Nope. This was for a select group of intrepid insiders. Journalists, who were, by invitation only, escorted into the unhallowed depths of our unfair city to view an art show that was created soley for, and in tribute to, art itself.

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