Tweet This: Rhizome’s Seven on Seven Seems to Suck Wiki

When WILL the New Museum bring us something new? I ask you.

It has long been my opinion that art which partners with, or claims to make a creative statement with or about, technology, is usually crap.
And, apparently Rhizome’s Seven on Seven event proved it.

Given 24 hours to come up with a collaborative work, seven pairs of artists and technology experts failed to come up with a single original thing.
150 + people paid up to as much as $350 in order to be wowed by moiré patterns, big concept search-engines and wikis, and — gasp– movement detecting programs. Amazing.

The only charming idea: essentially a GPS and a blog for umbrella swapping.

NOW can we stop thinking the web’s going to give us anything more than variations on search engines and color-sound-movement morphs?

For deets: check this very thorough New York Times’s Review by Randy Kennedy


Gavin Brown will soon increase its exhibition space and add to its cool factor by taking over the lease from Pat La Frieda Wholesale Meats.

Gavin Brown’s Enterprise will move into the plant in the meatpacking district in May. Its first exhibition “Go Vegan!” will address food issues including vegetarianism.

Yes: it’s a simple gentle irony, not as exciting as, say, having Urs Fischer tear your floors out.


Twitter was all a-tweet this morning with the news that PaceWildenstein is breaking up. @nytimesarts Inside Art link:


RT @TheArtNewspaper EXCLUSIVE REPORT: Saatchi vs Banksy for most visited UK show in our annual attendance survey


RT @laughingsquid  Seven on Seven, event connecting art & technology organized by @rhizomedotorg, takes place 4/17 at @newmuseumin in NYC

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