À Rebors Surveillance: 150 Thousand Dollar Dali Lifted With Ease

CCTV footage marks the time of departure (Image credit NY Daily News)

A thief, posing as a customer, lifted a $150,000 Salvador Dali watercolor-and-ink painting right off a gallery wall and blithely walked out with it poking out of the top of a black shopping bag… Details on Hyperallergic: http://hyperallergic.com/author/cat-weaver/

How to Talk About Art: Always throw in a ringer.

Hermes bearing the good person by Praxiteles. Parian marble, H. 2.15 m (7 ft. ½ in.). Archaeological museum of ancient Olympia, Greece. From the German excavations of the Heraion at Olympia, 1877.

Jeff Koons, at the 2010 Whitney Gala and Studio Party, listing the “influences” for his latest oil paintings and marble works : “Dali, Manet, Velazquez, Titian, you know… DaVinci, Praxiteles.”

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