• Punch’s Studio, as envisioned in Max Visits Punch, is played by Bruce Nauman’s New Mexico Studio.
  • I used David Lynch for Max Poe not only because he looks very close to how I always envisioned the character, but also because there are so many great photos of him making faces. I find it amusing, as well, that Lynch is himself, an artist.
  • PUNCH’s “Review” is comprised of text gleaned from Dia Center pamphlets: in real life I actually did clip phrases from Dia Center pamphlets in order to construct the text. I am a long-time fan of the overblown artspeak they contain.
  • When I began building the character, Lola, I thought it was unusual for people to change genders late in life. It turns out to be quite common. The issues I planned to give Lola regarding her change, her worries about how it would effect her career and her relationships, are ones that take a good deal of time to commit to: partly because they are so fraught.

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