Party animals at Double Fly Art Center's Armory Show booth.
Party animals at Double Fly Art Center’s Armory Show booth.

One wonders if, instead of falling apart due to an imbalance cased by monied art fairs, perhaps the art market is adjusting itself by spawning a separate art fair culture which will have, in the future, as many tiers as the current hierarchy?

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Bits: Keeping it Real

Adam Lindemann, founder/director of Venus Over Manhattan
Adam Lindemann, founder/director of Venus Over Manhattan

Adam Lindemann Brings It:

In an interview with GalleryIntell’s Cat Weaver, Adam Lindemann opened up a can of whoop ass on the art world:

“Collectors are the biggest dealers today in the sense that every collector is trying to be a dealer. Every collector is trying to wheel and deal and play the market. Everybody wants to be a player. I guess I’m partially to blame because I was the epitome of that type of collector— buying and thinking about the values of  —whatever —my interest in art had run its course in that way. I was kind of like,“I’m done with it. I’ve lost my interest in art.” And so I thought that by opening my own gallery, I could sort of come at the art world in a different way.”

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Love Saves the Art World

Rumor has it that speculative “flipping” has brought a new kind of panic to the art market, one that is causing the more savvy collectors to bail out. Experts worry that the resultant art dumping may lead to a burst in the currently robust and long-lived art bubble.

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How to Talk About Art: Christopher Wool Edition (#H2TAA)


Bonus: if you talk about Christopher Wool’s abstract works, which, though not as popular, are amply better looking and a lot more fun than the text paintings, you get to talk about mark-making, process, and erasure.  Along with that you get to come off as the better aesthete — the one who appreciates the less obvious work.

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