Hold the Door? When will the art market let technology in?

My Google search for new approaches to the art market!

A Fairy Tale by Cat Weaver, illustrated by Google, Artspace, The Art Newspaper, Artnews, Artsy, and Artnome

There is an insistence in ye olde art worlde that technology (if it is not being used as a medium) is hokum. Inside the culture castle, dear old fashioned patrons insist upon quaint ethical texts that tell them “collectors don’t sell” and” fine art is not about decor” even as they surround themselves with it and deaccession as they will.

These high net worth individuals (HNWI) whose stalwart backs are pressed against the doors of their caving fortress guard a huge luxury market full of culture, i.e. mystery, i.e. riches, i.e. collector’s items, i.e. elite pleasure.

Meanwhile, outside the bulwarks,  waves of horrid monsters crush in: “speculators” with bitcoin wallets a-bulge, millennials eerily inseparable from tiny lit screens, and —most scorned (though least dreaded)— hordes of ignorant rubes looking for a culture fix via Artsy or Paddle8 or (shiver) E-Bay!

Steel yourselves: HNWIs! Teach the children well and perhaps the door will h—

Or, perhaps it’s time to let the new wave pass through the old ruins? Slogging through the muck of old doubts and failures, architects and dreamers will duke it out over how to re-build.


hotdog.pngThe Madding Crowds

A Guide to Eating an Erwin Wurm Hot Dog in a Kusama Garden: 7 Public Art Installations in NYC You Can’t Miss This Summer

Artspace Editors
July 16, 2018

The New Wave

The Rapid Rise of Millennial Collectors Will Change How Art Is Bought and Sold

Evan Beard
July 20, 2018

The Blockchain Art Market Is Here


New York Academy of Art to Honor Muses at ‘Take Home a Nude’ Auction

The Doubts & Dreams

Will blockchain deliver a registry of all traded works of art?

Christie’s summit weighs up pros and cons of the technology and how it might bring greater transparency to the art market

July 23, 2018

Blockchain: how the revolutionary technology behind Bitcoin could change the art market

The software has the potential to improve transparency, copyright and ownership issues




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