Chapter 17: The Answer Has To Be Monday

“Consider Me missing in action for now.  You will find my remains at the opening. “

I guess they knew I’d open Kate’s manila envelope!

Along with the note, a photo: Punch poses as though on a cross. Boo is credited as the photographer.

The note finishes with a demand: I am to bring the photo to the Opening Reception of Punch/Monday collaboration — “Self Portrait” —in order to “redeem myself.”

Meanwhile the article came out— the one I”ve been dreading— the one I’ve repeatedly pre-empted: Punch venting, telling the entire world my business from his mollycoddled, narrow, selfish, navel sniffing POV. The party brawl recapped. Lola refusing to speak for me, for PUNCH, for herself.

Monday says only that he and PUNCH worked together on “Self Portrait” in order to break through the boundary between art and patronage.”

Patronage? Break through? Breakthrough???

Boo could not be reached.

Oh, and Kate saying she’s “shocked.” And  Molly saying “it figures…”

And my invite to Panopticon has been renewed: Yes, I am invited “to speak to the tyranny of the market and its domination of creative independence.”


Who has absconded with everyone’s sanity?

The answer has to be Monday.



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