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What does The Art Machine make of Stefan Simchowitz?

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In his Reactor piece for Hyperallergic, Marion Maneker piles some hate on the art market’s latest boogie man, Stefan Simchowitz:

“If Simchowitz is distinctive, it’s in his ability to find the artists who later become the talk of the market.”

But, isn’t that eXACtly what one wants in a dealer who is working with emerging artists?

This guy’s a gem, if you ask me: he’s a good marketer (so far), knows how to spin and create PR, knows how to leverage the oldest market strategy and use it for our new market (one that runs with great speed, great flexibility, lots of word of mouth, frequent trend shifts and NO loyalty).

Sure, in doing so, he’s rubbed the beloved patina off the exclusive, back-room, insider-only gallery biz we all know and usually hate. Sure, he’s dumped good manners in favor of making some money, moving some product, and making a living. But isn’t that what we’ve been asking for? Haven’t we wished for transparency? For the doors to be open and the masses to be allowed in? For the wizard to let the curtain down?

Me? I’m diggin’ it!

I mean, you have to wonder: do artists want to be suckled like pigs at the tit? Or do they want to make money, grow, and move on?

Has everyone NOT been bleating about elitism in the art world? Were they NOT begging for a more transparent, freer market?

Look: is art a luxury market or is it more like a goddam underground organ donation cartel?

You want it to keep being both or do you wanna just choose the crass one and get the fk on with it?

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