How To Talk About Art: Now a Column on Hyperallergic

How to Talk about Art (H2TaA ) has been The Art Machine’s slowly growing manual for those who wish to master artspeak as practiced by art critics, art educators, galleries, dealers, copywriters, and journalists. Now, H2TaA has moved from The Art Machine’s umbrella and into the arms of You can read the first installment…

FAMBIZ IS NO LONGER TAKING WORK FOR “It’s a Small Small World” Sorry :(

It’s been madness from the start. Hennessy Youngman was chosen by curating guest art photographer Marilyn Minter who has been putting together a series of “Virgin” shows  in the Massimilano Gioni / Maurizio Catallan pop-up, Family Business. Called “Virgins” the shows were intended to feature works by artists who have not yet had solo shows….