Olek: Charged with Assault – Trial Date Set

olek-11As a follow up to my earlier story about the crochet artist, Olek, I just verified today rumors that the charges against her are, indeed, in writing, very serious.

You will recall that Olek’s own story was that she got “involved in an incident with a drunk and aggressive male who behaved reprehensibly. The incident happened extremely quickly and not knowing anyone in London or able to access her cell phone for numbers she was swept up into the legal system and treated very poorly.

I hope all readers will bear this in mind. I hope you will realize as well that women are constantly in danger of escalating situations with this sort of “aggressive male” and don’t know the details of Olek’s encounter yet.

That said, the charges, in writing, as sent to me by the Southwark Crown Court in London are as follows:

Wounding with intent
Wound/cause grievous bodily harm without intent
Assault by beating
Possess knife bladed/sharpe pointed article in a public place

Southwark Crown Court informed me that the trial date is set for September 3, 2012.

Attempts to obtain a fuller story from Olek’s lawyers have met, so far, with silence.

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