Nobody’s answering my question…


Nobody’s answering my question about why Rob Pruitt’s Andy Monument sucks so much.



  1. Tatiana Sulovska says:

    Am I late to the party again?

    Pruitt’s work is void of irony and self-reflection.
    The poor man takes Warhol literally and he also takes himself rather seriously. Heavens, even the name of the statue is a blend of false familiarity and self-aggrandizement.
    Can I say: how provincial of Pruitt?

  2. tc lillick says:

    Obviously he didn’t learn much from Andy. At least when Andy painted a soup can it LOOKED exactly like the soup can.

  3. catweaver says:

    That’s the worst part of it. Made from “scans” of a living model, then onward to casting…on the cheap apparently. Art’s answer to fast food.

  4. It’s bland and uninspired. And Rob Pruitt made it. Kind of.

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