Cops to Urban Explorers: “This is not a gallery”

underbelly-project-mainImmediately after I’d read about it on, I wanted to go see The Underbelly Project. But even as I was plotting, dozens were being arrested for nearly killing themselves to gain access to the already decaying and vandalized artworks.  The vandals can claim, “first!”

Said one police officer: “This is not a gallery.”

This story will surely be ongoing. For now I leave you with the links below.



The Underbelly Project

The Gothamist Story of Arrests

LTV Squad (photographs of Underbelly artwork)

Slim Pickin’s in Lean Times = $69 Mil for the Big Mo

Modigliani’s “La belle Romaine” is large.

No use talking about the art market as if it had ANYthing to do with the real world… Auction prices are back to mind-blowing even while our unemployment rates hover around 9%. An examination of performances by Sotheby’s and Christie’s  evening sales of contemporary art this week will show you only that a luxury market —a collectors luxury market — responds to a slowly recovering economy with sheer, unabashed, indulgence.

The story these days is about rarity. And rarity speaks only to desire and competition, a combo that makes for dramatic auctions. So when every last brushstroke and cast is sitting on Mr. Moneyfeather’s veranda, and collectors are left scrabbling over the leavings or the occasional toss-away, we are left gasping at record prices fetched for middling Modiglianis and lackluster Monets.

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