Dude, Where’s My Torqued Ellipse?

If you follow the clues deliberately spelled out in a Sept 24th article in the New York Times, you can find the exact address of South Bronx storage lot that mysteriously houses a Richard Serra sculpture.

Look Upon My Works, Ye Mighty

The New York Times was asked by Serra’s representatives not to mention the location for fear of vandalism. And with pretty good reason. It is, after all, a piece of art worth millions of dollars, sitting rather conspicuously for years in a lot that has proven to be less than well supervised.

That is to say, the curved steel plates will comprise a work of art worth millions of dollars, once they are delivered and installed according to Serra’s instruction. Until then, Serra’s representatives insist it’s just metal.

The Gagosian Gallery, which represents Richard Serra refused to reveal the price that had been paid for the piece which is rumored to be  “Bellamy,” a sculpture that was shown at Gagosian’s Chelsea gallery in 2001.


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