OPINION: $treet Art

From Brushstrokes: Lydia Fong and Todd James

Fresh Paint NYC is a news source for street art, and street art events. Their announcement for the Brush Strokes show caught my eye because, like a lot of street art, it’s colorful and brave and really just flat out appealing. And that’s refreshing. Yes it is.

Street art, like the Toy Tokyo store’s TT Underground, also has this arm that’s unabashedly, even crucially, married to commerce. ANnnd I suspect that when you marry ART to COMMERCE, you create a sort peer review process that wields an iron hand. No crap sneaks through, because no one’s buying it.

Freshness Mag is all about youth culture. It features a very large, very comely ad for Coca Cola right up, banner huge, at the top of the page. Underneath, the secondary nav bar’s links speak for themselves about a consumer culture that is not the least bit coy: SNEAKERS, it says, then,  decidedly separate, FOOTWEAR. APPAREL, ACCESSORIES, GADGETS. Followed by — FOLLOWED by, my dear dear readers: ART & DESIGN. Then CARS, and finally, FRESH CELEBS.

Sons, that’s honesty. That’s clarity.

Below that, the announcement of Indie 184s curation of Artefacts, the TT Underground Gallery exhibition.

Indie 184 - courtesy of Elizabeth Sagarin
Indie 184 - courtesy of Elizabeth Sagarin


Toy Tokyo

Freshness Mag


Indie 184

Known Gallery

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