Reducing Collection, Chagall, “Paris Red Sun”

Chagall Red Sun Over Paris
Marc Chagall, Red Sun Over Paris

The ad, at the back of this Summer 2010 Art News, was placed with two others under the heading ART FOR SALE.

But it stood out. It was not for Limited Edition serial artwork, nor was it placed by an artist selling their own landscapes.

It was an ad for several paintings, some of them by brand name artists: and all listed with very specific, oddly low, prices, like something you’d see on Craig’s List or EBay, only this Ed Sanders guy was selling Chagall and Miro. He was asking directly for “best offer over $50,000,” and flat out naming prices like $4,500 for Norman Rockwell’s “Football Hero”.

So I called him.

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Found: David Zwirner’s Wisdom

David Zwirner says:

There’s one misconception that wherever there is money, there’s an art market. Dubai was always an overrated market. They need a certain level of intellectual discourse and aesthetic dialogue. They need institutions and to come to terms with their censorship—and then eventually, maybe, they’ll get an art world.


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