Art Market Predictions

In the face of China’s rise to third-largest art market (slipping in ahead of an aggrieved France), Clare McAndrew, head of the Dublin-based consulting firm, Arts Economics, is “ looking at resale rights in Europe. There are real worries in Europe. New markets like China emerging is very good for the market overall but difficult…

Quote of the Day: Jery Saltz

“90 percent of all public sculpture is bad because it’s chosen by committees and bureaucrats…no one even knows what public art should do anymore.” – Jerry Saltz

Quote of the Day

“Minimal art—let’s face it—is a bore.” ~Christian Viveros-Fauné Writing for the Villiage Voice:  David Zwirner’s ‘Primary Atmospheres’ Is California Sweet

OPINION: $treet Art

Fresh Paint NYC is a news source for street art, and street art events. Their announcement for the Brush Strokes show caught my eye because, like a lot of street art, it’s colorful and brave and really just flat out appealing. And that’s refreshing. Yes it is.

Reducing Collection, Chagall, “Paris Red Sun”

The ad, at the back of this Summer 2010 Art News, was placed with two others under the heading ART FOR SALE. But it stood out. It was not for Limited Edition serial artwork, nor was it placed by an artist selling their own landscapes. It was an ad for several paintings, some of them…

Found: David Zwirner’s Wisdom

David Zwirner says: There’s one misconception that wherever there is money, there’s an art market. Dubai was always an overrated market. They need a certain level of intellectual discourse and aesthetic dialogue. They need institutions and to come to terms with their censorship—and then eventually, maybe, they’ll get an art world. LINKS: Funny and Savvy…