Purchasing Intangibles: MoMA

MoMA is pioneering the latest art establishment encroahment on anti-establishment art: the purchasing of intangibles.

ARTrocities: Timeline of the Bad and the Ugly

1961 Piero Manzoni: The Artist’s Shit: the artist sells, essentially, his “shit” in limited edition cans. We all have our favorites: this one’s a favorite of mine. Of the many things I love about this piece, the most important is that it is the baldest, most hideously obscene insult that has ever been delivered by…

Mr. Minor’s Winter of Discontent: Evening Sale at Phillips De Pury

The spring auctions with their record sales prices swept a breath of fresh air into the fusty art markets, hunkered down as they were, bearish throughout the cold winter. But the Thursday evening sale at Phillips de Pury stands as an ironic reminder that the winter of our discontent is not to be made glorious…

Art Market Recovery: Tracing Improvements

As I continue to study the art market’s very slight, but seemingly strong rebound, I will continue to compile reports which should lend insight, not only to the workings of the art market as it improves, but to trends that should grow out of this latest bubble burst. What follows are some things to look…


There’s a lot of talk about art market recovery, especially as generated by the auction houses. And each time a record hammer price is hit (like Tuesday’s $106.5 million Picasso’s 1932 “Nude, Green Leaves and Bust.”), the media jump on it, eager to announce that it’s a sign that the market is recovering. But we’ve…

Banksy Banks on Mystery (and fails?)

An artistic illiterate is dissuaded from producing a perhaps too revealing documentary, and, is, instead brainwashed –through the careful orchestration of lots of funding and PR — into thinking that he is, himself, an artist — thus becoming the front for a body of work which his backers can, by sheer inuendo, take credit for, as they laugh their asses off.

As Art Market Rises…

Phillips de Pury & Company is announcing new auction records set by its recent BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, and China)  sales of Komar & Melamid, Lygia Clark and Os Gêmeos


The Picasso, on sale at Christie’s onTuesday, is “poised to eclipse the $104.3 million paid for the current record holder, Giacometti’s “Walking Man I” purchased at Sotheby’s in February.


“A good Basquiat was made in 1982 or 1983, and contains a head, a crown and the color red”.