OPINION | Mr. Brainwash: Ce n’est pas un Banksy

By now it’s pretty clear that the documentary, Mr Brainwash, and his “works” are all a complex Banksy “interference” played to tease the gullible art world into either rejecting what may as well be valid art or defending utter crap: or both.

Bloomberg Administration: Curb Your Artists!

The Bloomberg administration is planning to set new regulations geared toward reducing the number of vendors that can occupy public park space at any given time. Apparently the goal is to reduce their numbers by as much as 80% in Central Park, Union Square and Battery Park, as well as on the New High Line Park.

Bonhams, Sotheby’s Betting on a Revived Interest in Islamic Art

This morning, Kelly Crow, writing for SPEAKEASY (a WSJ blog) , informed us that Bonhams is set to offer 20 pieces by Iranian artists, in a May sale. The Latin American art sale includes some popular and some emerging Iranian artists, with works expected to sell for as much as $120,000. Meantime, Sotheby’s has announced…

Quote of the Day: Matt Collings on Private Viewings

This is an old one, from Matthew Collings’ book, Blimey: “Private views are emotionally quite intense, although the emotions are never expressed, they just go on in your head. On the outside you appear normal and go around saying Hi! brightly, or, Hmm, that’s interesting. But inside you are reeling. The shocks come fast and…

Why Sotheby’s Matters

Says, Weisenthal, “The good news is that if long term history is any guide, the next bubble that’s forming will be even more ridiculous and higher than the last.”

Culture? There’s an App for That

The Art Institute of Chicago is prepping its free multimedia app with Toura sometime in the next few weeks. The app is free and is expected to be available on a range of devices including the iPhone and iPad.

How to Talk About ART: Say “URGENT”

Well, we needed SOMETHING to replace “gesture” — and “interventions” just don’t sell as easily as the all blood sweat and tears you can blarf onto a canvas. More for your money: why

Quote of the Day

“Art to me is a humanitarian act and I believe that there is a responsibility that art should somehow be able to effect mankind, to make the word a better place.” ~Jeff Koons


Yes: it’s a simple gentle irony, not as exciting as, say, having Urs Fischer tear your floors out.