I Attended a Screening of Iron Man 2 Last Night

What does that have to do with the price of tea in China?

Well, Pepper Potts has a thing for modern art: I noticed, not only the Barnett Newman she alludes to, but also a Motherwell and a very nice Giacometti.

There is a funny little scene when the very vain Tony Stark, having sold off half of the corporate art collection, pushes his luck by removing the Barnett Newman from the wall and replacing it with a poster of IRONMAN done in the style of Shepard Fairey.

I wonder if, within a round of art collecting jokes, it is fair use to copy Fairey’s now very recognizable treatment of the notorious Obama photo?

Oh and the fight scenes with Scarlett Johanson? Amazing.

8 thoughts on “I Attended a Screening of Iron Man 2 Last Night

  1. Great art through out the movie…The photograph you have mentioned is Ameland Pier by Elger Esser.

  2. It was a really large picture on the wall of the office I think. There’s an aqueduct or aches coming out toward the right and the building is to the left. There is water in front and it looks like the arches are coming out of the plane at a right angle to the building. It’s also very large. I should have checked the credits of the movie, but I forgot.

  3. Did you recognize the picture/painting of the arches and building on water? I’d love to identify the work and artist. Thanks.

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