Deitch Projects' May Day Poster

SoHo’s Deitch Projects will close its door on June 1 as Jeffrey Deitch takes on to the directorship of L.A.’s MoCA. The final show at Deitch’s Wooster Street location starting May 1, will be a Shepard Fairey send off appropriately named May Day.


The New Yorker this week contains a story about Goldman Sachs‘ recent acquisition, a 5 million dollar painting by Julie Mehretu, called “Mural“which, while huge and sprawling and visible from the street, has apparently gone uncelebrated (perhaps for obvious reasons).

Meantime, another Goldman Sachs commissioned work, a $10 million dollar Franz Ackermann mural gets to be “reviled” and “hated” by Goldman employees, according to various reports.


Mark Billy's missing bit

If you are looking for Mark Billy, or his penis, and you type you get a big splash page that reads, “I Stole Mark Billy’s Penis
and his domain name. Now he owes me $97.00. HA!”
The linked ‘HA’ used to lead you to some obscure photographer, but now it links to Mark Billy. Mr. Billy lost one of his brightly colored penis sculptures During the BYOA exhibition at X-Initiative. Mark Billy, perhaps glad to have his domain back is still not master of it: though he has leads, the bit is still missing.


The art market is bouncing back nicely: for a nice little romp through some, perhaps overly enthusiastic purchases, check out this article from Souren Melikian at The New York Times: An Art Market Suddenly at Dizzying Height.

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